March 29, 2012


Hello! It's been awhile! I had a few pretty intense weeks studying and adjusting to a new life in Norwich. However, it's Easter vacation now, so I have no excuse to ignore this blog.

Norwich is so beautiful in spring! I'm so glad I chose to come here at this time of the year. Here are just some of many images that I took with my compact camera. I'll make a separate post about NUCA (Norwich University College of the Arts), because I don't want to cram this post with too many images.

Norwich Market

Norwich Cathedral

Norwich Castle

The Bear Shop

A fountain in the Plantation Garden

Waterloo Park


  1. Hello Margarita.
    Do you live in England now ?

    Thank you for wonderful pics.
    Have a nice new life......... :)

    1. No, not permanently. I'm staying here for a few months as an exchange student (I'm studying illustration :)), so eventually I will have go back to finish my studies in Lithuania (one more year left). Who knows, maybe one day I will acually be living in England. It's a possibility. Thank you for your greetings. I hope you're doing well, Mole!

    2. OH-"as an exchange student"... I see. :) Have a nice April as well. :)