April 22, 2012


A week ago my sister and I went on a short trip to Cambridge. We spent a few days wondering around the city and taking pictures. It was interesting to compare Cambridge to Norwich. In the end, Cambridge left a good impression. I selected just some out of many pictures, but they don't do justice. You really have to visit Cambridge yourself, to know what this city is like.

April 18, 2012

Bookbinding Workshop

Hello! This time I'm sharing some images from a bookbinding workshop that took place at NUCA last month. I'm a bit slow with my updates, but I'll try to improve on that in the future.

We were learning simple bookbinding techniques suitable for small publications like zines, pamphlet books, artist books, etc. We tried out pamphlet stitching, two section pamphlet stitching, perfect binding techniques, and also rounding the corners of our books using... coins! The goal of this workshop was to learn cost-effective and convenient (you can produce books at your home!) ways of binding a book.

Some tools and materials that were available for us
during the workshop as well as some sample books

My sister sewing her pamphlet book

During the break

My finished books

April 12, 2012

NUCA (Norwich University College of the Arts)

As I promised, here's a post about the university where I am currently studying as an exchange student for a couple of months. I have to add, that I am here not alone, but together with my sister Alina (we're twins :)) and we're both studying illustration, so don't get surprised if I ever write "we" instead of "I". You can see Alina's work online here: www.alinasurnaite.com

Guntons Building. Most of our classes take place in this building. It has Illustration, Graphic Design, Graphic Communication, and Fashion Departments:

A cool collection of Mac computers

St. Georges Building (Fine Art, Textiles, Visual Studies):

I have to say that NUCA's library is beyond amazing! I've never seen so many art-related books in one place. It's like jungle! It also has an art supplies shop inside (big bonus!):

My sister Alina in the library :)

Student Bar (just look at that ceiling!)