April 12, 2012

NUCA (Norwich University College of the Arts)

As I promised, here's a post about the university where I am currently studying as an exchange student for a couple of months. I have to add, that I am here not alone, but together with my sister Alina (we're twins :)) and we're both studying illustration, so don't get surprised if I ever write "we" instead of "I". You can see Alina's work online here: www.alinasurnaite.com

Guntons Building. Most of our classes take place in this building. It has Illustration, Graphic Design, Graphic Communication, and Fashion Departments:

A cool collection of Mac computers

St. Georges Building (Fine Art, Textiles, Visual Studies):

I have to say that NUCA's library is beyond amazing! I've never seen so many art-related books in one place. It's like jungle! It also has an art supplies shop inside (big bonus!):

My sister Alina in the library :)

Student Bar (just look at that ceiling!)


  1. Thank you for sharing Margarita. nice pics! And then I'm surprised you are twins... ;)

  2. You're welcome as always, Mole! Thank you too for being such a loyal follower of this blog!

    We're non-identical twins, actually. We had a few occasions when total strangers pointed out that we're twins, but usually people are surprised to find out the truth. Some don't even realize that we're sisters :).

    1. Thank you Margarita.

      .......... really interesting, and LOL :)))