May 26, 2012


This Thursday my sister and I took a one day trip to Cromer to see the North Sea. During the first half of the day all the city was covered in a fog. We couldn't even see the horizon while we were in the beach. In the evening, however, the fog cleared and we got to enjoy a sunny evening and a clear view of the sea. Too bad that my camera's battery died just minutes before that happened. Oh well... Here are some foggy pictures :).


  1. Hello Margarita.
    Thank you for the deeply interesting photo of North Sea & Cromer. I feel it's so beautiful and very poetic. I'm happy that can see such nice pics. ... :)

    1. Hi, Mole! Thanks for your comment. You're right. It was calm and poetic because of the atmosphere that fog created. It was especially beautiful when at moments the sun shined through the fog and created an interesting light. I’m pleased that you enjoyed these photographs.