May 6, 2012

Turn the Page Artists Book Fair

Yesterday Alina and I were trying some location drawing near the Norwich Market. It got so freezing while we were sketching that our hands became cold as ice. We ran to the nearest place to warm up which happened to be The Forum. To our surprise we discovered an artist book fair taking place. It was a two day event, and yesterday was the last day to see it so we nearly missed our chance! Luckily, I had my compact camera with me that day so I snapped a few shots.

You can learn more about Turn the Page Artists Book Fair here.

Theresa Easton

Jean Mould Hart

Larissa Cox's books. They looked really tasty :)!

Table by East London Printmakers
Books by Peter Rapp, Caroline Glicksman,
Belinda Chen, and others.

Andrew Law


  1. only just found this! great pictures hey lets hope it is much much warmer this year :)come and say hi if you happen to drop by this year on May 3rd or 4th :)@turnthepage2013

    1. Hi, Marina! Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment. Unfortunately, I won't be able to visit this May since I'm back in my home country. I hope you'll have a great time during this year's event.