July 15, 2012


Pictures from my one-day trip to York, UK in June.


  1. Hello Margarita.
    It has been a while, and sorry a little.

    Thank you for sharing of beautiful pics in UK. It has been increasing interest to the UK in Japan, because the Olympics begin soon. :)

    Japan is very hot.
    Are you good ?

    I hope you spend a wonderful summer season. :)

    1. Hello, Mole! I'm doing really well. It's nice to hear from you! There's no need to thank me. Actually, I should be thanking you for being interested in my posts and taking time to comment.

      It's interesting that you mentioned London and Olympics, since I was planning to make a post with bunch of images that I took while in London back in June.

      I'll try to make new posts as soon as possible, but I hardly find spare time for preparing the photos and writing the posts. Most of my time these days is dedicated to my two-week summer course (Book Design) at Rhode Island School of Design in the US. I'm really enjoying it and plan on making some posts about it as well (once I finish posting UK-related material :)).

      P.S. It's hot as hell in Rhode Island as well.

      Take care!