August 27, 2012

London Museums

Before I started posting about my experience during summer courses, there is still one thing left from the past that I really want to share. When I was making the post about London, I decided not to include images from the museums that I visited. I planned on making a separate post about them, but then my life became so busy that I missed the chance to do so. I guess, it's better late than never, so here we go…
If you were ever in London and looking for some places to visit, I would highly recommend visiting these two museums.
My sisters and I came across this museum by chance as we were wondering around Barbican Complex. I really didn’t expect much from this museum because of it's exterior, but I was proved wrong. Once I entered, it only got more and more interesting. I especially enjoyed Victorian Walk with replicated shops and public buildings.

If you're still a child at heart then this museum is definitely worth a visit. It's such a treat for your eyes, you'll be surprised! I've never seen so many toys in one place before: from vintage teddy bears and dolls to rocking horses, toy cars, and doll houses. If you don't have the means to visit this museum, you can take a virtual tour or look through it's collection of childhood objects online.

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