September 22, 2012

Children's Book: Tertius and Pliny

Tertius and Pliny by Ben Frankel (illustrated by Emma Chichester Clark)

I'm back home again! Actually, I'm supposed to be doing something more important than this post since October is quickly approaching. That's when the new semester in academy begins. One more year left for me! I'm excited and at the same time slightly worried by the uncertainty of what's next.

Today I chose to feature Ben Frankel's first picture book Tertius and Pliny. I found it in Cellar Stories bookstore while I was in Rhode Island this July. I have a soft spot for stories about toys so that was probably the reason why I got attracted to this book in the first place. I like that the author describes how the toys are feeling. That makes the reader empathize with the main characters more.

The book is well illustrated by Emma Chichester Clark who studied under Quentin Blake. I've never seen her work before, so I was lucky I picked up this book from many other children's books in that bookstore (and there were many!). Please, check out more of her illustrations. Also, I've just discovered her blog about her dog Plum and it's hilarious!

My sister pointed out to me that each little drawing on
the endpapers is drawn individually (not copied and pasted). 
If you look closely, you will see slight variations in each. 

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