October 14, 2012

Children's Book: The Mole and the Car

The Mole and the Car by Zdeněk Miler

Meet the Mole (originally, Krtek)! My sister and I used to watch animated series about him when we were kids. We remember some of the episodes to this day.

This character came to life in 1954 when a Czech animator and illustrator Zdeněk Miler... stumbled over a molehill during a walk! He created around 50 animated films about Krtek. Zdeněk Miler passed away last year. In order to commemorate him and his widely popular character, a series of books about the Mole were published in Lithuania. I bought this book to keep me reminded of one of my childhood influences. You can feel a strong sense of design in Zdeněk Miler's illustrations. There's a lot you can learn as an illustrator and as an artist just by looking through them.

I think this character deserves more attention, but that's probably how I feel about most of the book and animated characters from my childhood.

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