May 26, 2012


This Thursday my sister and I took a one day trip to Cromer to see the North Sea. During the first half of the day all the city was covered in a fog. We couldn't even see the horizon while we were in the beach. In the evening, however, the fog cleared and we got to enjoy a sunny evening and a clear view of the sea. Too bad that my camera's battery died just minutes before that happened. Oh well... Here are some foggy pictures :).

May 19, 2012

Children's Book: Duck, Death and the Tulip

Duck, Death and the Tulip by Wolf Erlbruch

I've seen so many amazing children's books at NUCA's library and bookshops here in Norwich. I shoud probably make a post listing some of my discoveries :).

Duck, Death and the Tulip is one of those books that leaves you contemplating once you finish reading it. The story and style are so simple, yet the subject matter is so complicated. I admire author's effort to address such a subject and to challenge the coventional children's books. Children shouldn't be exposed to good and happy things only. They should learn about both bright and dark side of this world early on. Books are one of the ways to make them aware of it. I think adults could benefit from this book as well. So if you get a chance to look through this book, please do. The illustrations and story are great.

Right from the beginning you become fond of both characters

May 6, 2012

Turn the Page Artists Book Fair

Yesterday Alina and I were trying some location drawing near the Norwich Market. It got so freezing while we were sketching that our hands became cold as ice. We ran to the nearest place to warm up which happened to be The Forum. To our surprise we discovered an artist book fair taking place. It was a two day event, and yesterday was the last day to see it so we nearly missed our chance! Luckily, I had my compact camera with me that day so I snapped a few shots.

You can learn more about Turn the Page Artists Book Fair here.

Theresa Easton

Jean Mould Hart

Larissa Cox's books. They looked really tasty :)!

Table by East London Printmakers
Books by Peter Rapp, Caroline Glicksman,
Belinda Chen, and others.

Andrew Law