April 7, 2013

Bologna Children's Book Fair 2013

Alina and I were lucky enough to visit Bologna Children's Book Fair for the first time last month. It happened to be its 50th anniversary! We went there for all four days of the fair. It was an overwhelming yet really rewarding experience. If you're an aspiring illustrator planning to publish children's books, then visiting this fair is a must. It gives you a clear idea of the current tendencies in this field and also is an enormous source of inspiration. We probably looked through several hundred books in those four days! 

Books that were selected as the winners of BolognaRagazzi Award:

BOP - Bologna Prize for the Best Children’s Publishers of the year:

This year the guest of honour was Sweden. Below are some images of their exhibition featuring contemporary Swedish illustration:

Illustrators exhibition (there were over 3000 participants and 77 illustrators selected this year):

Just a few of many illustrations that were exhibited:

Konomi Kita

Won Hee Jo

Marco Somà

Richolly Rosazza


Hassan Amekan

A show by Evelyne Laube and Nina Wehrle who were 2012 edition winners of the International Award for Illustration:

White walls full of self-promotional material by illustrators:

A presentation of Eyes by Iwona Chmielewska. This book is the winner of BolognaRagazzi Award - Fiction:

A presentation of Paul Thurlby's Alphabet. Paul Thurlby's book is the winner of BolognaRagazzi Award 2013 - Opera Prima:

Some stands by different publishers:

A queue of illustrators waiting for a meeting with one of the publishers

I was nicely surprised when I saw Ana Juan signing the books. I have just recently discovered her work and was quite impressed by it. I couldn't miss this opportunity, so I bought Sorelle and got it signed. The illustrator next to Ana Juan is talented Lorenzo Mattotti.

Michele Rocchetti signing a newly released book

I snapped a few photos of Lithuanian stand: