December 15, 2015

Illustrators' Christmas Fair 2015

On Saturday I went to London to visit a one-day Illustrators' Christmas Fair organized for the first time by House of Illustration. I only came for the fair, but there were various workshops and activities taking place throughout the day.

I was curious to see what kind of products artists sell and how they present their work and themselves, as I'm considering exhibiting at the fair(s) myself one day.

Below are some of my photographs to give you an idea what the fair was like. There were over hundred exhibitiors and you can find a full list of names on the House of Illustration website.

Becky Baur

Fabi Santiago and Carolina Rabei

Bel's Art World

Alice Macdonald 

Kate Slater

The Stealthy Rabbit

Pop Press

James Barker

Caroline Gray and Ellie Snowdon

Print Wagon

If you're in London before 24 January 2016, there's a wonderful exhibition 
"EH Shepard: An Illustrator's War" at the House of Illustration that I recommend to go to:

There's also a lovely doll house on display by author and
illustrator Lauren Child who's been building it for 30 years:

Another exhibition taking place right now is "Alice in Wonderland" 
at the British Library (open until 17 April 2016) celebrating 150 years 
of it's publication (there's a great collection of illustrated books on display):