April 17, 2016

Bologna Children's Book Fair 2016 (Part 3 of 3)

Illustrators Exhibition:

Some of the illustrations from the Illustrators Exhibition
(full list of selected illustrators):

Juan Palomino

Juan Palomino

Zuming Wang

Ya Ling Huang

Linda Pellicanò

Tsutomu Fujishima

Mariachiara Di Giorgio

Joohee Yoon

efealcuadrado (Raquel Fernández)

Hongcheng Yu

Hsin-Chin Wu

Shu-Man Wang

Yi Yang

Negrescolor (Joan Fernández Vicente)

Tomo Miura

miyauni (Yudai Suzuki & Megumi Ohto)

Marika Maijala

Violeta Lopiz

Ling Hsing Huang

Valentine Lespinasse de Capèle

Oskar Laurin

Kotimi (Michiko Chapuis)

Manuel Marsol

Adriana Isabel Juárez Puglisi

Yi-Chin Huang

Tomoko Inaba

Chaogui Huang

Junko Ogoshi

Page Tsou

Camille Almeras

Chengliang Zhu

Luca Pettarelli

Chihiro Takeuchi

Aljoscha Blau

Veronica Ruffato

Marco Quadri

Ricarda Wand

Annalisa Bollini

Francesco Giustozzi

Sol Undurraga

April 15, 2016

Bologna Children's Book Fair 2016 (Part 2 of 3)

Exhibition by Maisie Paradise Shearring, the winner of 
2015 International Award for Illustration:

As part of the prize, Maisie created a picturebook that 
was published by the Spanish publisher SM:

Maisie (sitting in the middle) giving a talk at the fair:

Exhibition by Laura Carlin, the author of the 2016 Illustrators Annual 
cover and the winner of the Biennial of Illustration Bratislava 2015:

Silent Book Contest 2016 exhibition:

GOODBYE TOYS by Marta Pantaleo (Italy):

by Ausra Kiudulaite (Lithuania):

JAULAS by Sara Porras (Spain):

AMAZED by Aleksandra Artymowska (Poland):

BLANCA Y EL DRAGON by Yael Frankel (Argentina):

THE ORANGE THING by Manuel Sumberac (Croatia):

ONE PREVIOUS OWNER by Carly Gledhill (Great Britain):

Books of previous winners:

BOUNCE BOUNCE by Brian Fitzgerald (Ireland) and 
WHILE YOU SLEEP by Mariana Ruiz Johnson (Argentina)

Exhibition Artists and Masterpieces of Illustration - 50 Illustrators Exhibitions 1967-2016:

While at the fair, I discovered that Kestutis Kasparavicius
Lithuania's most beloved children’s book illustrator, was having 
an exhibition A Conductor with a Brush in Bologna, so I coudn't miss 
the chance to see the originals of his illustrations and meet him in person:

Illustrations from his latest children's book The Neighbor Around the Corner:

Kestutis' books were on display as well: